Quality guarantee

Our mission, in the machining of large dimensions and drilling of tube sheets for heat exchangers, is oriented towards continuous improvement in all our areas.

Obtaining the Quality Certification by AENOR under ISO-9001:2015 accredits us to be able to offer the customer the maximum response in quality and service.

At Inlasa we aim to provide a quality service that is a true reflection of each customer’s expectations, meeting all requirements, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Inlasa's management establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:


The quality of the service offered to the customer is the result of planned and systematic actions of Analysis, Identification, Detection, Planning, Implementation and Verification in all the services offered to the customer.


Contractual requirements, wishes, expectations and the fulfilment of customer objectives are the only criteria for setting the quality standard of our services.


Each Inlasa employee is responsible for the excellence of the work they perform, at all levels of the company.


We promote the implementation of the Quality policy and objectives, verifying their execution through audits and promoting continuous improvement in all areas.


We comply with applicable legislation at all times, including environmental, occupational safety and mandatory customer legislation.

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