Machining large parts

Specialists in lathing and milling work:

At Inlasa we are specialized in Machining large parts. For this purpose, we have lathes, milling machines and handling elements of different sizes and capacities.

The limitations in terms of weights or measures can be very different depending on the piece or the element to be machined, so we value each job looking for the best solution, in any case, please contact us to make your query.

We specialise in highly technical work for various sectors and industries:

Inlasa has separate machining areas for lathing and milling:


On lathe, diameter from 300mm to 5.000mm and length up to 11.500mm.


In milling machines we have capacities up to 11.000mm in length.

Tube sheets and autoclave closures

The large machining operations also led us to specialise in deep drilling of tube sheets for heat exchangers and boilers, as well as autoclave closings.

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