Industrias lajarín sabadell S.L.


At Inlasa we specialise in the machining, lathing and milling of large parts.

Company with more than 35 years of experience

We have our own infrastructure to build or repair all types of parts and assemblies up to 6 metres in diameter and 12 metres in length. Our facilities of more than 2000m² include large milling machines and lathes, being able to easily handle parts and assemblies up to 25tn.

Our mission is our maximum motivation: to provide a quality service and satisfy the maximum contractual requirements of our clients, thanks to the integrated Quality management system under the ISO-9001-2015 standard, certified by AENOR.


Since 1980 dedicated
to the machining of large parts

Machining of large parts

At Inlasa we are specialized in machining large dimensions. For this purpose, we have lathes, milling machines and handling elements of different sizes and capacities.

Tube sheets

Our company also specialises in the manufacture of tube sheets and baffles for heat exchangers or boilers, and all types of parts requiring special thickness drilling.

Autoclave closings

We mechanize on a lathe and milling machine, autoclave and bayonet closures, up to 5 meters in diameter, for the chemical, food or textile industry.


We can also offer auxiliary welding processes as a complement to machined parts that require construction or repairs.

Integral solutions

We have a wide range of machinery, covering different sizes and capacities in order to be able to adapt to the casuistry of each piece.

In addition to having deep technical experience, we offer close collaboration trying to obtain integral solutions.

Specialists in the machining of large customised parts

For further details or any queries, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be delighted to help you.

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